Metadata Supported for FBX Imports?

Does Cinema4D really not support importing meta-data from an FBX import? I have a hard time believing this type of basic data I/O isn't supported in c4d...

Attached is an FBX with meta-data key/value pair of "foo" : "bar". Metadata comes in fine importing with Houdini, Maya, Blender, but I can't seem to get the metadata into C4D.. Thank you for any confirmations here!

EDIT: Can't upload an FBX file apparently. Concept is pretty straight forward though. Metadata support with FBX import.


For now, we do not have any plan about supporting FBX Meta-data. We will reconsider it as soon as possible.
This topic has already been touched on this thread but for exporting.

What kind of meta data would meet your needs? Per object, for animation, material etc? I am not even sure what kind of metadata is possible with the fbx file.


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