UNSOLVED Switch render engine to Redshift (In memory)

Hi Guys,

I prepared a scene in memory and like to render this now with Redshift. To do this I need to switch from the standard render engine to Redshift.

A simple:

rd = doc.GetActiveRenderData()
rdata[c4d.RDATA_RENDERENGINE] = 1036219

Is not working and it will just use the Standard render engine, I think because I need to set the VideoPost.

I can get this by using:

def GetRedshift(rd):
    rs = rd.GetFirstVideoPost()
    while rs and rs.GetType() != 1036219:       
        rs = rs.GetNext()
    return rs

And trying to set it with InsertVideoPost but no luck. Maybe I'm completely on the wrong path.

Can anybody help me do this.

Thank you!😊

Hi you need to insert the video post as shown in the C++ manual - Redshift Renderer - Set Render Engine to Redshift, adapting it to Python should be pretty straightforward.

Have a nice weekend.

Thank you Maxime!

This was the part I needed, i was looking in the right direction. 🙂

redshiftVideoPost = c4d.documents.BaseVideoPost(PID_REDSHIFT_RENDER_ENGINE)
            print("RedshiftVideoPost: ", redshiftVideoPost)
            # Insert the Redshift video post plugin.

Have a great weekend!

Hi @everyone,

just as an FYI, the example is slightly outdated. With 2023.0.0 or newer, there is no need to manually define a symbol for the Redshift renderer, as one can use the newly exposed VPrsrenderer symbol (c4d.VPrsrenderer in Python).

I have updated the C++ example.