UNSOLVED Edit C4D files without loading them fully

This one might be a bit odd to explain.
But i am wondering if one can load cinema4D files or edit them without loading them fully.

Imagine a scenario, where you have 20 c4d files, they all take a long time to open. and all you want is to edit a little thing in each of the files. you know exactly what to edit, and might even have a little script for it. But it will take ages to open each file in the GUI and do it manually.

Might command line be the way for this? to bypass the loading times? And if so, do people have any examples or reference on how to use the command line in that manner?



while it is possible to filter and load only certain part of a document by specifying flags with the LoadDocument function, you will not be able to merge them in the original document.

HyperFile functionalities are not an option here as you must know exactly how the data is organized.

I am guessing here that what you call "long time to open" include the time to load the document and display it, render the materials etc. If you just load the document using a python script it will already feel faster.


I see.
Thank you for the reply Manuel 🙂