Plugin works with R23 and doesn't work with S24.

Hello guys!
There is a plugin for Cinema R23: Vertex Normal Tool
You could find it here
And it doesn't work correctly with any version of Cinema newer than R23.
Unfortunately, an author doesn't respond to my emails. It seems like he doesn't support his products anymore.

Is it possible to make this plugin run with modern versions of Cinema?
It seems like it should work. I found this here

Plug-ins that were built for R23 should work with S24. They require to be rebuild against the R24 API in only a few cases. See C++ documentation for more informations.

Maybe there is any way to rebuild this plugin?
I forgot to say, the plugin is encrypted (.pypv), so I cannot edit it.

P.S. Is there any alternative of this plugin?

To rebuild you need the source code.
So I guess for this one you are out of option.

Yea problem with C4D keep changing API (almost every release) breaking plug-ins. And there's not even a decent amount of third party developers to begin with 😞

Hi @kisaf unfortunately Maxon can not provide you any help on this topic, only the author of the plugin can and should update it.


Got it. Thank you.