Unsolved fbx export with metadata

We are trying to get custom properties written to the fbx file when exporting from C4D but without any luck.

Now our toolchain is setup to use object names and hierarchy layout to control our unity application but a much better solution for us would be to use metadata/custom properties data exported from our setup.
But as of now I can`t find any solution to get custom data written to the fbx file, in Blender, Maya, 3ds Max this is easy to setup and get exported inside the file structure so we can hook into it inside Unity.

Is there any solution either using user data, custom tag, or custom scripts to get this sort of data written to the fbx file structure?
Thanks in advance.


There are no possibilities for that. What you could do is to create a script that save the FBX file as a txt file and inject the metadata you want to the nodes informations but that sounds like a lot of works.

There is, maybe, a good python parser that would allow you to recreate the exporter or to inject some informations.


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Thank you for your answer.
Unfortunate it seems like this isn`t as easy as we hoped for, but we just have to see if we can find another way around our problem.