Solved C4D R25 render / Team render Notifier Plugin (win & Mac) ??

Hello developpers !

It's my first post here. I searched all over the net to find a solution to receive a notification by mail or sms when Renders and/or Team Renders are finished ....

Simple ; useful ....

A plugin made by Maxon Labs called "Team Render Notifier" made this jobs but now, won't work with latest versions of Cinema 4D .....

Can somebody help ?? or have an interest to develop ?? (or at least leave an answer ?)
Can help to create an UI design ... if needed.

Thank by advance


Hi @opla Cineversity took ownership of Maxon Labs plugins, most of them can be found at Maxon Labs Plugins Playlist. However not all of them are available (TR Notifier is one of them) due to maintenance cost versus how much this plugin is requested. So I invite you to ping Cineversity about your request.


Hi Maxime,
Thank for your answer !

However, as you say, TR Notifier isn't a priory but it's too bad because I think it's so useful for a lot of people ... No solution exist, at this time to get a an alert when render is finish ... Maybe it will interest community having this feature .....