2023.0.0 SDK and API Documentation Releases

Dear Cinema 4D Community,

On September the 7th, 2022, Maxon Computer released Cinema 4D 2023.0.0. Alongside this release, a new Cinema 4D SDK and SDK documentation have been released, reflecting the API changes for 2023.0.0.

The major changes in this documentation update are in C++ exposure of OCIO interfaces and the added legacy plugin type symbols. In Python, minor bug fixes have been carried out and an updated version of the VS Code plugin for Cinema 4D 2023.0.0 has been provided. Please refer to the Maxon One Fall Update notes for details on the changes of the application itself.

To see the latest version of the C++ SDK Online Documentation and Python SDK Online Documentation you must still refresh your browser cache by pressing CTRL + F5 once one the landing page. We have decided for now not to remove the caching.

Happy rendering and coding,
the Maxon SDK Team

MAXON SDK Specialist