UNSOLVED Developing for MacOS

Damn, developing plugins in C++ for MacOS requires lots of stuff and nuisance!!
One of the steps required is to add a registered Apple ID to the Accounts in XCode.
According to a tutorial I watched, I should add a Developer ID Application account.
However, the only option that I'm provided with, is Apple Development.
Anyone knows how can I add a Developer ID Application account?
Thank you very much in advance.

Hi rui,

Yes, it's a pain in the neck doing macOS development. I almost gave up on it at one point it's such a hassle. But once you figure out all the hoops to jump through, it's not too bad. You might want to take a look at my guide to notarizing a mac plugin on my site at https://microbion.co.uk/html/createplugins_r23_3_notarize.htm. This explains the steps needed; the first step is the Apple developer account, which is what I think the tutorial you read must have been referring to. Unfortunately, unlike an Apple ID, getting a dev account is not free.


Hi @rui_mac, I think the link provided by Steve contains all the relevant information and yeah the Apple policy enforce the need of an Apple Developer which is 99$/y.

If you have any other question related to mac, feel free to ask.
@spedler thanks a lot for your page this is really well done.

Nevertheless we would be interested to know which part was not clear for you in Development for macOS.

Finally, as mentioned in our Forum Guidelines please mark your topic and the upcoming one as a question. Thanks in advance.


@m_adam, I will go through all the docs and see if I could point out what was confusing.

About the developer account, that is a pain in the ass.
I don't do enough development to justify the 99$/y.
I simply want to update my 3 or 4 C++ plugins.
Without a developer account, can I even test out the plugins to see if I need to make changes?

Yes you can compile and even debug your code, the only issue will be that the first time your plugin is being loaded by Cinema 4D, the user will have the next popup (taken from @spedler website) Mac Notorization error message popup and they will need to go into the Apple menu > System Preferences, click Security & Privacy , then click General and approve the last exception as explained in Open a Mac app from an unidentified developer. Then you need to restart Cinema 4D and you should have your plugin loaded.

@m_adam Thanks very much for your comments. You asked which parts of the manual page weren't clear. It's more that it's incomplete, in that it doesn't tell you how to get a bundle ID, app password or provider ID. Also, I don't think the statement that adding a timestamp is optional if you enable the hardended runtime is correct - from what I can see, you must provide a timestamp even though you enable the hardended runtime.

The other thing is that invariably at some point the process is going to fail and there's no mention of what to do when it does. It's extremely frustrating when the notarization fails and you have to figure out why. Apart from that, the page is actually very good - just needs a bit more detail (IMO).