Floating license problem

Hello everyone,
i think i have a problem with the floating license model.


In particular it seems that in this license state machine, there is no state dedicated to what happens to licenses, when programs execution aborts suddenly or connection is lost. Is there a collection mode, were i can start releasing licenses from a pool that are currently not in use? Or a time-out were a license returns to pool after n minutes?

I had to release licenses from defunct instances manually which sort of defeats the whole purpose of automation & scripting.
Is there a way to have a "always on" program on the running maschine, to auto-release the license, should it loose connection or time out?

Hello @fss,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We unfortunately cannot help you with this question here in the SDK Team as you are asking effectively for a feature in the Maxon App. While the C++ SDK has some licensing features, they are restricted to reading data, so you cannot just call an API to release the licenses yourself.

You should ask your question to user support, because they are the right place for things concerning the Maxon App. What you might want to clarify there is what you mean by "defunct instances" and which app you are using. I assume from the context that you are using c4dpy with some Python scripts which sometimes crash c4dpy and then the license is not being released correctly. Which sounds like a bug which you then should report to user support.


MAXON SDK Specialist