Solved Osubdivisionsurface ?

hi.. just to report....

the object type for the Subdivision Surface object seems to be missing in the python and C++ sdk...

c4d.Osubdivisionsurface = 1007455

best, index

Hello @indexofrefraction,

thank you for reaching out to us. While it is sometimes true that we do this and I recently hinted at why this this happening, it is not true in this case.

The symbol for SDS is c4d.Osds. You can find a list of all object symbols here. The bottom line is here: Programmers love acronyms ;)


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ups, sorrryy. my bad .-)

I know that list ... but LOL,
now i cant find the object type for the Cloner Object :deer:

Hey @indexofrefraction,

Well, that is because Mograph is one of the areas where the type symbols have not been exposed. So, to be clear: There is no cloner object symbol.

But now that you brought this up again, I just realized that we (the SDK Team) never talked about fixing this and I do not see (fully) why. I have a suspicion why this might have been postponed or refuted in the past, but I will bring it up again. In the end we just must add a few defines to ge_prepass.h and then users do not have to jump through these hoops anymore. It will be difficult to catch all the missing symbols, but we could at least start with the ones we know. I will update the thread with the outcome of our discussion.

Edit: So, we talked about this, and came to the obvious conclusion, that we should do what we should have done a long time ago, and fix this. I cannot give an ETA, but I will try to give it priority as I think this is a problem which impacts many users.


MAXON SDK Specialist