Possible Bug when running in Commandline

Hi, i encounter a bug with Cinema4D. The problem is that the bug is not deterministic. Converting this file worked before and now errors out. _BugReport.txt

I looked into the bug report and noticed i filed a similar bug to corona.


They recommended i delete the leftover shaders or materials. So is this a running out of memory bug?

I do not have any account to chaos support. For bugs, you should contact our support as we (the sdk teams) do not manage bugs even more when they come from another company.

In the log file, you will find this part

		ExceptionNumber = 0xC0000005
		ExceptionText = "ACCESS_VIOLATION"
		Address = 0x00007FFFE0A32FC8
		Thread = 0x0000000000002E30
		Last_Error = 0x00000000

This shows you the thread responsible for the crash and the ExceptionText the reason. ACCESS_VIOLATION can happen when the software tries to write at a memory address that is not available.

if we look at the thread call stack, we can see it is on corona side that this issue occurs This call stack must be read from bottom to top, the top is the last action.

MSVCP140.dll:	Thrd_yield + 0xb8 (SP: 0x000000065E2FF600, PC: 0x00007FFFE0A32FC8)
LegionLib_Release.dll:	Legion::RecursiveLock::lock + 0xc (SP: 0x000000065E2FF660, PC: 0x00007FFFA02DB10C)
corona4d.xdl64:	0x00007FFFA5C8D1ED (SP: 0x000000065E2FF690, PC: 0x00007FFFA5C8D1ED)
corona4d.xdl64:	0x00007FFFA5C8DAFD (SP: 0x000000065E2FF6E0, PC: 0x00007FFFA5C8DAFD)
corona4d.xdl64:	0x00007FFFA5CA2ACD (SP: 0x000000065E2FF710, PC: 0x00007FFFA5CA2ACD)
LegionLib_Release.dll:	Legion::LowSystemMemoryChecker::`default constructor closure' + 0x92 (SP: 0x000000065E2FF7B0, PC: 0x00007FFFA02BAE12)
KERNEL32.DLL:	BaseThreadInitThunk + 0x14 (SP: 0x000000065E2FF800, PC: 0x00007FF807B77034)

I do not have access to their code, so it is hard to tell.
Corona seems to check the memory "LowSystemMemoryChecker" after that, it calls some functions in corona4d.dll and come back and crash.

It is even harder to tell if you cannot reproduce the issue.


Thanks for explaining Manual