Cinema 4D 2022 Developer Survey Now Open

Developers and TDs are Invited to Influence Maxon’s SDK Support

JUNE 15, 2022 - Cinema 4D has an incredibly rich API and fantastic community of third-party developers extending the ecosystem, as well as technical developers working to integrate in studio pipelines. At Maxon, our goal is to provide industry-leading, third-party developer documentation and support. If you are a developer using C++ or Python, or technical director or artist writing your own workflow-enhancing plugins or scripts, we want to understand how to better equip you to achieve your development goals. To that end, we’re reaching out to invite all developers to help shape the future of the Cinema 4D SDKs and documentation. Even if you are not currently developing plugins for Cinema 4D, we want to hear from you. We also want to specifically encourage former users of our SDK to take part in this outreach.

To collect foundational information so we can better understand developer’s needs, we have created the Cinema 4D 2022 Developer Survey. The survey is now open and will remain open for your feedback until June 26, 2022.

The survey contains an option for those willing to be contacted for a more in-depth interview. Those who participate in an interview will receive a merchandise item of their choice. Please note that only a select group of respondents will be chosen to be interviewed.

Interviews will take no longer than 60 minutes. The information provided in interviews will be treated with the highest confidentiality and all participants will be fully anonymized. Please find information on the processing of your personal data in our Privacy Policy.

We look forward to your feedback!

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