Solved Map Cubic Projection of object down to UVs with IDM_ASSIGN_UVW

Im assiging UVs in Script,
and have the problem that i dont seem to be able to convert a CUBIC_PROJEKTION on a object down into UVs that would persist outside of the Cinema4D format.

My collague gave me the advice to perform the equivalent to Assign_UVS in code and i researched and found the command IDM_ASSIGN_UVW in C4D_Symbols.h but it has no Numbercode to call mapped to it.

How do i call this command in scfript?
I know of GENERATE_UV_COORDS with 12235. But this

c4d.CallCommand(CMD.GENERATE_UV_COORDS, CMD.GENERATE_UV_COORDS)  # Generate UV Coordinates

does not "bake" the CUBIC projection down.

We life and learn.
Turns out one must select the material tag with


before calling the command


to bake the projection down, down into the ground. It now works as intended.