OBJ Sequence Importer

C4d supports OBJ sequence imports now and its a new feature apparently but I can not find any guidance on how this works. Can anyone help please? multiple versions of the same frame gets imported into the sequence on import. The files are from a volumetric video clip but they are a standard sequence of OBJ files. Cheers

Hi @zeroh_uk

Thank you for reaching out to us, however you have reached the SDK team of Maxon. We develop the Software Development Kit (SDK) for Cinema 4D and provide support for third party developers who want to develop plugins for Cinema 4D. We cannot deliver any end-user support or any bug reporting outside of the SDK scope.

When you are indeed an end-user, you should file a support request with the Maxon end-user support team or look at the Cinema 4D Help system. Our support portal can be found under Maxon Support Center and you can create a support ticket under Support Requests.


i just get an error message when i use th elink to the support centre

Sorry it should be fixed now