Looking for Scene Nodes Capsules Creators


I'm a Product Manager and Assets Producer at Maxon. We recently collaborated with the team at Rocket Lasso to produce some great new FUI Spline Capsules (Grid, & Graph) and we're hoping to replicate that success with additional third party partners.

Are you a plugin developer or technical director? Have you been interested in Scene Nodes, but not sure where or why to start?

We're looking to grow the number of qualified C4D Scene Nodes capsule creators, and improve scene nodes workflows in Cinema 4D. To that end, we're training/supporting a small group of interested developers/technical directors over a ~4 week period. If you're interested in participating, please fill out this form before 2022-06-20:


Specifics will largely depend on the group we select, but we're looking to provide:

  • Live weekly video training/Q&A sessions (Time TBD, but probably Friday nights in Europe / Friday mornings in the US), with possible supplemental pre-recorded videos.
  • Best practices documentation.
  • Direct access to a Maxon product manager.
  • Suggestions for how to improve your node setups and UX to match C4D performance/UX standards.
  • A private forum for discussing ideas/issues with other Scene Nodes Assets creators.
  • A private repo of utility node groups for solving common issues.

You'll be asked to:

  • Complete 1+ Spline/Geo Primitive, Geo Modifier, Selection Modifier, or Node Group that feels and functions like a native Cinema 4D primitive/deformer/node.
  • Document your development process.
  • Provide honest feedback about Scene Nodes workflows and documentation.
  • Log any bugs/UX issues you encounter as you work.

Thanks all for your replies! I'll be reviewing this week and will target a July 1 start.