How CINEBENCH_R15 set processor affinity?

Problem: how to make sure and set the fixed single-core running without changing the other core?

By using the manually setting, first must run the test and then be able to change the affinity to Fixed CPU.

can I request for Bat.code for this issue.

edit: any solution for this issue ?

Hello @sucky012,

welcome to the forum and thank you for reaching out to us. This is a forum dedicated to plugin programming for Cinema 4D. The General Talk forum is our sort of Off-Topic forum, but your question is even out of scope for that.

We will let your question remain in the forum, but you will not get an answer from the MAXON SDK Team, as Cinebench is simply not our area of expertise, and it seems also unlikely that the community will be able to answer this.

When you want end-user support, you should contact them via a support ticket. But I somehow doubt that CINEBENCH 15 is still in the support cycle. But I might be wrong about that.


MAXON SDK Specialist