Cinema4D CAD Translator SDK

Hello everyone,

For my own curiosity, is Cinema4D leveraging a third party SDK for it's CAD meshing / translation? If so, does anyone know which one?

For example, Rhino utilizes Datakit for it's backend CAD translation process. I'm assuming Cinema4D uses a third party SDK as CAD translation is a very complicated subject matter, but Maxon may also be using something custom built at the kernel level instead. A mystery.


Hey @clayton_krause,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I am not quite sure what qualifies as 'CAD meshing / translation' for you? I would assume you mean our Catia, STEP, STL, and Solidworks importers?

In general, we do not disclose implementation details of Cinema 4D, as lined out in our support guidelines:

We will neither reveal non-public functionalities of Cinema 4D's API, nor will we establish a direct line of communication with the developers of Cinema 4D.

But you can make a formal request for such information for your company at sdk_support(at)maxon(dot)net. If the request is approved, you will have to sign an NDA, and then information and/or source code will be shared.

Curiosity alone is unfortunately not a valid reason. But since I see that your email handle is tied to a bike-company, and I could see scenarios where this would be a valid request for such company, I would recommend reaching out via mail. Please include in the mail what you want to achieve, so that we can see if it is possible to share the necessary information or find another solution.


MAXON SDK Specialist

Very good. Thank you for the response and guiding me towards the appropriate channel of communication for this.