UNSOLVED c4dpy "sysctl: No such file or directory"


I am trying to set up pip on my new machine but keep running into this error:

Davids-MBP-2 Maxon Cinema 4D R26 % c4dpy -m get-pip.py
sysctl: No such file or directory

My specs:

Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 12.10.26.png

Hi @InterfaceGuy I also do have this error, message but I don't think this cause any issue for this purpose.

The -m argument is telling to the c4dpy to execute a module, but in your case you are executing a file. So you should just give the full filepath of this file and this should work.

So the good way to setup pip is to either call
c4dpy -m ensurepip
c4dpy {FullPathToGetPip}\get-pip.py

And take into consideration that in some case pip could fail in S26, as reported in Cinema 4D R23 / macOS - pip install broken we were not able to reproduce, making hard to provide a workaround but we are still on it.