errors in api documents?

just wondering if there was some place to post some errors i am finding in the api docs
thing like how "BaseList2D.GetUserDataContainer" and "BaseList2D.RemoveUserData" have the example code switched
also "c4d.MSG_DRAGANDDROP" seems to have its sender as "c4d.BaseList2" witch i assume should be "c4d.BaseList2D"?

Hello @jesse,

thank your for reaching out to us and for reporting these issues. Here in the forum is the right place and you already used the correct tags for doing so. I also think the first case is already marked in our systems and scheduled to be fixed in an upcoming release.

The SDK Team is however currently on hiatus due to our company meeting. Normal support will resume on Monday the 16th.


MAXON SDK Specialist

"c4d.CUSTOMGUI_CYCLE" seems to be missing from the api as well as what ever the heck a "capsule object" is

Hi Jesse, thanks for the report those issue have been fixed and will be up in the next update of the documentation.
Thanks a lot for reporting them and if you see other one please report them !