UNSOLVED Python cannot get X-Particles(xpCache) information

I want to get X-Particles xpCache information in the list, but the python prompt does not recognize this object!

other properties can be obtained normally!

Is there any other way to get it? thanks


This parameter looks like a custom data type. If the team from Xparticles does not provide a custom function to retrieve this argument in a way our API can handle it, you will not be able to read it.

Xparticles support will be more helpful here to answer this question as we do not have access to their code and we can only guess what they have done here.


I can confirm that it is a custom data type. As Manuel says, you would need to contact Insydium support about this but I'm not sure the definition of the data type and the GUI is contained in the third-party library they make available. If not, I'm afraid you're out of luck.


@m_magalhaes Thank you

@spedler Thank you