Unique ID for maxon::nodes::Node


Sorry to send it again by image but it still gives me an error with text and I don't know what the filtering mechanism has found wrong with it.


This is exactly how our materials are working if i did not misunderstood your question?
I don't see why you would need every node to be uniquely identified among all the materials. Can you explain why you need such a functionality?

About the issue posting to the forum, could you give us the error message if any, or send us (by mail) the exact text you are entering so we can reproduce the issue?


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When translating the nodes in our system we need each of them to have a unique ID or name. That's how we identify each node, e.g if I have two or more texture nodes (with the same ID) used on different materials and assigned to different objects, it would only show one texture rendered to all objects as all textures are assigned one similar ID.
For now, I solved this by finding a uniqueID for the corresponding material and concatenating it with the node's ID.

As for the error message it only says Error and nothing more. I will send the text via email.

Thank you.