Looking for Developer of custom Mograph effector

I am again looking for somebody to build another custom python mograph effector (Paid):

  • I have cloner with clones and a field with falloff (for example box or spherical field)
  • Everytime a clone enters the field its position or rotation is changed by a value x (cm or degree)
  • The clone exits the field and its new position/rotation change is remained outside of the field.
  • Every time the clone enters the field again value x is added to the existing value. Basically an endless additive process of values

Is this possible? Willing to pay for it.

email: chn3d(..at..)email(..dot...)de

Hello @ceen,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Please open new topics for new questions, even when you are looking for a developer.


MAXON SDK Specialist

Done and delivered.