Commandline.exe not loading lib4d preset materials

I’m trying to render an animation from the commandline but it fails because an “asset is missing”. What’s interesting is that the asset in reference is from the “Studio.lib4d” file located in the “library/browser” subfolder of the Cinema 4D R19 installation directory. I used a material from that preset library in the animation, but it renders fine in the GUI version of C4D, so I don’t understand why it is missing from the commandline version. Here’s my example command:

&"C:\PFxPK2\Cinema 4D R19\Commandline.exe" -render "\\networkdrive\myfolder\heart.c4d"

and here’s the output:


How do I get the commandline version of C4D to recognize the .lib4d library files in the library/browser folder?


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