UNSOLVED Can't get assets info in c4dpy

I have tried c4d.documents.GetAllAssets method to list assets, it works well in C4D Gui.


Then I tried with c4dpy, it was not working.

As c4d.LoadFile method is not supported in c4dpy, so I use c4d.LoadDocument method instead. Then GetAllAssets method returns an empty list.

How can I get the same result in c4dpy?

Here is what I've done in c4dpy:



I see you are using a pretty old version of cinema4D (R21). I was able to reproduce the issue on R22 but this is fixed on R24 and R25. (i couldn't tested it on R23)

Unfortunately, there's nothing to do.


@m_magalhaes Oh, really? Thx so much!