Looking for Developer of custom Mograph effector


I need a way to locally manipulate the rate speed and spatial distance of clones along a spline with Mograph Cloner which are procedurally animated by Rate value inside the cloner.

Imagine an assembly line where things are being pushed along with equal speed and distance but at specific areas along the line they need to be fastened up or slowed down seamlessly without colliding.

Basically an effector that has a falloff/field and inside the field/falloff I can manipulate the Rate speed set in the cloner object.

Is that possible with a python effector?

I am wiling to pay. Open for offers


There is the EffectorData class that could help you to create your own effector. This class is only available on c++. With python the only option is to use the python effector. And that could be tricky because you need to retrieve the size of all clones. Doable but tricky imo.

I hope that you will find a developer to do it, this might look easy to do but is harder than you might thought.


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