Solved Set "Strength" on Constraint tag via Python Xpresso Node?

Hey Folks,

I am very uninitiated in Python, but I assume this is a very easy setup.

I have an Object in a hierarchy with a Constraint tag.

I want a Python Xpresso node where I can pipe in an Object link and a float value. I need the code to then set the "Strength" (Constraint Tag, Aim tab) to the Float value I plug in.

Can anyone spell out for me how to set this up? Thanks!

Ok, nevermind... I got something working about 3 minutes after posting this question. I'll paste below what worked for my needs. Maybe this will help someone else, or maybe you all have a more direct method to achieve this.

def main():
    #inputs to the Xpresso Node are Link (named "LayerLink") and Float (named "FieldtInfluence")

    myObject = LayerLink
    myTag = myObject.GetTag(1019364)

    myTag.SetParameter(c4d.ID_CA_CONSTRAINT_TAG_AIM_TWEIGHT, FieldInfluence, c4d.DESCFLAGS_SET_0)