Xpreso plugin development

I have created a xpreso setup i used some texture in that project how can i convert this project so people can install the plugin and use it ?

Hello @rastan_cgi,

Thank you for reaching out to us. This forum is targeted at software development with the Cinema 4D & Cineware SDK. Xpresso or Scene Nodes are not part of the scope of the forum and the support Maxon does deliver here.

However, you already did post in the correct forum for asking an off-topic question, the General Talk forum. The community is welcome to discuss here topics that are adjacent to the Cinema 4D & Cineware SDKs, as for example Xpresso. But the SDK-Team cannot offer any support for these questions. If you seek an official answer from Maxon, you should contact user support.

With that being said: Xpresso setups cannot automatically be converted into a Python or C++ plugin. You can provide a scene with a null object and your setup, but these workflows are not within the scope of the SDK-Team. When you seek help with reimplementing your Xpresso setup as a plugin, for example as a Python plugin, then we will need more information on what the Xpresso setup does. We can then tell you where you can find learning resources related to your goals, but you will have to write the code yourself.


MAXON SDK Specialist