Solved R25 project tool

Hi there!

I am trying to complie a plugin for R25, but am getting an error about missing .hxx files.

Error	C1083	Cannot open include file: 'simplemesh1.hxx': No such file or directory

I am wondering if that is because I used the wrong project tool.
The Maxon Developers Page links to the S24 project tool under the R25 headline. Is that correct or should there be a different tool linked?

To help people answer this could you also let us know what version of Visual Studio or XCode you are using? Are you using the required one stated here:

IE: Visual Studio 2019 Apple Xcode 11 (Intel) / Apple Xcode 12 (Intel and M1)

Yes, I installed Visual Studio 2019.


It's a bit hard to answer, as Kent said. The S24 projectool is used to create the R25 projects, i could be wrong but i doubt that's the issue here.

Are you trying to compile the sdk example or your own plugin?
The sdk example should compile out of the box. (after running the project tool)


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I ran everything again, and the examples as well as my own plugin built correctly now. I guess there were still some files missing, that showed up now.
Thanks everyone!

hxx files are created by the preprocesssor when you compile.They are created in the Generate subfolder of each project.
Frameworks should work out of the box (even if sometimes, we have some bugs_


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