UNSOLVED Expresso show hidden objects

I have 10 hidden objects, and according to the expresso result between 1 to 10, then show the object according to its number.... now is working the NUMBER result, but my question is: HOW TO SHOW THE HIDDEN OBJECT, according to the number obtained in (expresso result node)
it is posible ?
thansk and bless..... !!!!!
Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 11.28.12 AM.png

Hi @mauovernet, sorry for the late reply but this question is out of scope of this forum, as this one is focused only to Cinema 4D API.
Here this is a Cinema 4D feature usage (Xpresso) I advice you to create a ticket within our support.


@mauovernet I know this forum isn't for Xpresso (as mentioned below). But attached is a solution scene to what I think you're after.

Hope it helps.