shutdown pc after render queue

Is there any way to automatically shutdown pc after render queue ended?

Hello @EnzoM,

thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to the Plugin Café community. These are the development forums of Cinema 4D and SDK-Team does provide here development support only. We also have a set of Forum Guidelines which outline how we are providing development support. When you are looking for end user support, you should reach out to customer support instead.

As outlined in the guidelines, you should provide more context, code examples and mention tag your posting with the programming language, OS and the versions of Cinema 4D you are targeting. For simplicity, I am going to assume here the set Python, Win|MacOS, and R23|S24|R25.

You can access the render queue programmatically in Python with c4d.documents.BatchRender and determine with BatchRender.IsRendering() if the render queue is still running. The classic API has a feature to restart Cinema 4D with c4d.RestartMe, but none to only shut down Cinema 4D. You could of course also make use of the standard libraries and simply nuke the process of Cinema 4D, which will effectively result in Cinema 4D shutting down. But there are potholes to avoid in this approach which make it dependent on how elaborate your code is for making it work well.

The alternative would be either to use the commandline renderer of Cinema 4D or use c4dpy to invoke the render queue from a Python script in c4dpy. Which then automatically entails c4dpy shutting down once the script has terminated.


Hi @ferdinand , sorry, my bad, I thought this was also a place where give some feedback for new plugins.

I don't know how to provide more context, it's just "how to automatically shutdown pc after render queue ended".
I used a plgin called hangover, but it doesn't work with R25.

I can't code, I'm just a 3d modeler... sorry.

Thanks for your patience

Hello @EnzoM,

no worries, these rules are not always obvious which is why we point the out.

About your task at hand: I have already moved your question to the correct Forum General Programming & Plugin Discussions where you can also ask for a (paid) third party developer. You should then also specify if you are willing to pay for a solution or not. But you should be aware that we mostly target here the upper end of Cinema 4D development, you are more likely to find a dev for quick job on core4d. If there was already a plugin for this, contacting its original author might be easiest path.

About the context of your task: This does not apply here anymore, since this is not a coding question, so you have no context to specify 🙂