UNSOLVED select subobjects assign command

Hello, I made a video, I would like to use script to set the subobjects to automatic in the base object and to give the wideframe a color, I can do this with individual objects, but how does it work with multiple objects?
I'm a newcomer to Python, it would be nice if you could help me.

Thanks very much


Hello @WDP,

thank you for reaching out to us (and thanks for opening a new topic for a new question). I have shown you here how to iterate over all direct children of an object. I also showed you how to set the visibility of an object in the same thread. I showed you here how to traverse trees of objects.

As lined out before and in the Forum Guidelines, we cannot provide full solutions or help with learning coding in general. You have all the pieces there, but you must put them together yourself. I know that starting with coding can be confusing. But I cannot provide here more in detail support, as I already went further than we normally do, due to you just starting out. You should start reading our Python SDK Documentation and the examples on GitHub. Depending on your general coding and/or Python knowledge, you might want to preface all this with some general Python learning material. Our SDK Documenation has a Python Resources section, lining out some 3rd party material.

Thank you for your understanding,

Thank you for the Information I go next Year to a Python programming course i hobe that help me hopefully.
Thank you for all Informationen