#recruitment Direct Link from Cinema 4D to D5 Render


Hi there,

I'm the staff of D5 Render(www.d5render.com), you can also search us on Youtube or Facebook. For now, we want to integrate our rendering engine with Cinema 4D platform.

So we need a direct link or live sync plugin from C4D to D5 Render, just like what we have done for 3DsMax (Demo Video:


Glad to tell you that we are expanding our team and involving more resources to develop D5 plugins. If you have sufficient experience developing plugins for C4D with C++, just join us😁
Just contact me here, or at [email protected]

Developers around the world are welcome since we can communicate and collaborate remotely. It would be good if you can recommend us to people around you😃

Thanks, guys.

Hey, @m_adam , thanks for your kindly upvote. Since I can't find how to send private messages within this forum, could I have a conversation with you through email? And my mail address is [email protected]