UNSOLVED Plugins limitation count


I have a customer that can't install a plugin, I check his console and I see the message :

OSError : cannot handle more than 50 object plugins.

As it's tagged with "OSError", I guess it depends of the OS, what can we do to increase this limitation ?

What version of C4D and what OS? Also are you developing in C++ or Python?

I remember that being an issue a long time ago (pre R20?) but I thought it may have been resolved somehow. From memory I think it was an OS limitation to the number of dynamic libraries it could physically load. The advise to customers at the time was to unload plugins that they did not use as often, putting them into their own folders so you could enable/disable them from the Preferences->Plugins list when required.

Hi @César-Vonc I think you speak about Python each plugin type have a limitation of 50 (call to RegisterXXXPlugin).
So you can have 50 ObjectData and 50 TagData. But you can't have 51 ObjectData (the number of C++ plugins does not count).
Normally it should be be an EnvironmentError exception that will be raised and not an OSError.
And there is no workaround.


Hello, it's indeed about Python plugins on S24 and R25 and OSX, and I guess other C4D version and OS.

It's a shame that it is limited to 50 ObjectData, 50 TagData, etc.., the common user will not check the console window and will think it's a bug from the plugin.

I hope it wil change one day. 🙂

Thanks for your answer

Hello @jwzegelaar,

without any further questions, we will consider this topic as solved by Monday, the 25th and flag it accordingly.

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