UNSOLVED Cannot run scipy even though it is installed correctly via pip in R23

Hello everyone!
I have recently bought a C4D R23 license to overcome difficulties regarding the installation of dependent libraries in previous versions of C4D (<=R19), specially for scipy. I followed the classic steps to install both numpy and scipy with pip. You can see this here:

C:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D R23>c4dpy.exe -m pip list
Package Version

numpy 1.21.2
pip 21.2.4
scipy 1.7.1
setuptools 58.0.4
wheel 0.37.0

However, when I try to import both libraries in C4D for scripting and plugins, numpy works but scipy doesn't. You can see that here:

The translation of it is "The specified module cannot be found".

This error replicates when trying to do the same from the command prompt of c4dpy.exe

Any help would be extremely appreciated,


Hi Unfortually we do not provide support for 3rd party libraries. Even more Qt is not officially supported by Cinema 4D.

However it may be possible to make it work, so I would check first that the dll path Scipy try to load is valid, then that the dll is compiled with the same compiler used by Cinema 4D.


Hello Maxime,

first of all, thanks for the quick response. You gave me a great clue with the compiled dll version. C4D R23 is compatible with scipy 1.4.0 so the solution was to downgrade it.

Thanks again,