Content Browser modifications via Python?

I need some information about:

  1. save preview images or assign new preview images via Python
  2. How can I stop "render preview image" process in preset library? In the settings there is a check box "Render scene" but I guess it is not related to this. After I create previews for my materials by "Create Preview" if my texture library is not active and I open this preset library everything seems black. So I have to activate or add texture path in the preferences. But I really need them to browse without make any modification. SO I need to fix their preview images. Is it possible to do that via Python?

thank you


1- you can't with python. (I'm not even sure you can with c++)
2 - I'm not sure to fully following you. I don't understand the "render preview image" is that a command? In the preferences there is a "Render scene" option. That's maybe the version I'm using. (R24)

To fix the texture path in your material presets, you would need to set the preview with a file save on your harddrive. But this is not possible with Python.


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