UNSOLVED Need help with NumPy build MacOS

I am trying to install numpy in my c4d python version on MacOS. So far I could find out that drag and drop does not work since the package is written in C. I understood that I have to build/compile the package from source for the python version of c4d.

After trying my luck with this guide and wrestling with various error messages I see that this is just too advanced for my understanding.

So if anybody could either help me out with the build or even better provide a binary that works with C4D R23, python 3.7.7 on MacOS that would be a true life saver!

P.S.: I am aware of Niklas Rosensteins Tutorial for Windows but this doesn't help me much with MacOS

Hi @InterfaceGuy Unfortually we do not provide support for 3rd party module, even more to old version which had issue with pip.