Solved How to Hide Generator Plugin from the menu?

Hi all,

I have a generator object plugin and I'm trying to hide it from the Extensions menu.

In the "Register" function of the plugin we can use "info" flags, to register it as a Generator OR to hide it from the menu with the PLUGINFLAG_HIDEPLUGINMENU flag.

Isn't it possible to do both? Have it as generator and hide it from the menu?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @orestiskon you can combine flags like so c4d.PLUGINFLAG_HIDEPLUGINMENU | c4d.OBJECT_GENERATOR.


Thanks Maxime!

I'm reopening this to ask one additional question, I think they're closely related and best kept in the same thread.

Is it possible to also hide the generator from being shown in the Commander? My guess is no, but I thought to verify it.

Unfortually no you can't.