Solved Modify rounded edges radius via python script

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to control the rounded edges radius of a node redshift material via a python script. So far, I’ve only been able to accomplish this in the GUI.

Hi @ajcav2 welcome in Plugincafe :)

I would like to ask to clarify your question since "the rounded edges radius of a node redshift material'' is a bit too fuzzy for us.
Are you speaking about Xpresso node or new node material?
Are you speaking about the look of a node or are you speaking about a node called "Round Edge"


Hi Maxime. Sorry for the confusion, I was referring to a Redshift material node, and a specific node called "Round Edge". We know that we can edit the rounded edges node via the API in Xpresso materials already, but we were trying to not use Xpresso here. Turns out, we can actually edit the Round Edge node in Redshift materials when we use c4dpy instead of executing the script by placing a .pyp file in the plugins folder. This solution works for us, so I think this issue is resolved. Thanks!