Solved Can't apply shaders to a CUSTOMGUI_TEXBOX in iCustomGui

I have used a texbox customGui inside my iCustomGui, but for some reasons, it seems that I can not apply a shader to it.
The attribute is shown on the UI but does not seem to be functional.

On my iCustomGui::CreateLayout(), I have added it together with some other attributes, but this is the only one that is not functional.

TexBoxGui* list = (TexBoxGui*)AddCustomGui(COLOR_ID + i, CUSTOMGUI_TEXBOX, String(), BFH_SCALEFIT, 0, 0, settings);

Is there something I am missing?

Hi, this is unfortunately not possible to add a CUSTOMGUI_TEXBOX in a GeDialog.

Technically this is possible and you will be able to use it as a Link field. However, the creation of material will not work since it requires a Description to work.

So the only workaround would be to create a usual LinkBox and create a button that will mimic the popup button.
Not the best, but this is how it is.


I see, thank you for the answer.