UNSOLVED How can I retrieve the copied data?


I would like to get the Ease data copied by the "Copy Ease" function in the timeline, modify the data, and then paste it into another curve.

Is there a way to do that? Thank you.

Hello @kng_ito,

thank you for reaching out to us. You can technically invoke the copy and paste ease data functionality of the Timeline manager using c4d.CallCommand, but you cannot access and modify the data stored in the clipboard. Because the SDK does only expose the bitmap and string clipboards (via c4d.GetStringFromClipboard and c4d.GetBitmapFromClipboard).

So, you would have to recreate this manually. One must get the "real" tangents of a c4d.CKey and then write these tangents to whatever CKey one wants to write them to. The subject of how to receive the "real" tangents of a CKey, i.e., while respecting the auto tangent information has been discussed recently here (long story shot: Make sure to use the CCurve.GetTangents() interface and not the one attached to CKey). When you write back these tangents into a key, you must make sure that the key is in custom tangent mode, as otherwise the automatic tangent handling will take over.