UNSOLVED Force 'Pause'/Wait when switching between Takes at Batch Render

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The question is the following:

  • The scene has a number of Takes
  • When the Take switches, some Python code does some changes in the scene
  • It takes a few seconds for a python code to finish it's work with the scene.

If I manually switch between Takes, everything is great. But if I send all takes to batch render, it renders unfinished state of the scene. For example if some objects should appear, on batch render they will not be there, because python calculation didn't finished, while next Take already started rendering.

Is there a way or some trick, to make Cinema 4D make a forced pause everytime it switches to the next Take at batch rendering?

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it's hard to understand what your code is doing. Could you share something with us?
If you can't share in the forum, you can use our mailbox [email protected]


What's the Python code? An expression tag, or a Python generator? Or some plugin, or a script that gets called?

Expression tags and generators are not allowed to change the scene, and they also return a distinct result when they're done. Therefore, I wonder what kind of code you are running, and in which context. How come Cinema ist not aware of your code changing the scene? I would rather try to clarify this and probably change the implementation, instead of putting in waits and pauses, which would interefere even moer with Cinema's pipeline.


Hey there @fwilleke80 and @m_magalhaes
Thanks so much for your responses!

The 'code' is an expression tag. Expression tag reacts to a User Data switches on some Null object. Switches make different sets of Instance objects become visible or invisible.

At the end of the project I create Takes, each take has recorded a click on UserData Button. This click makes expression tag code to show/hide different instance objects. The geometry is heavyweight, so it takes a couple of seconds for C4D to make these instances visible.

If I export each take to a separate scene or if I select takes manually - each render shows corresponding set of instances. But on batch render every take shows the same geometry from the first take, as it has not enough time to switch instances, before the render begins.

I am not sure if it's possible to discuss this problem without showing the actual code (it's around 2000 lines).


@constantine_sazonov said in Force 'Pause'/Wait when switching between Takes at Batch Render:

each take has recorded a click on UserData Button

Sorry this part isn't clear, i might be wrong but button click can't "recorded" inside takes.

I will try to reproduce the issue and let you know. But maybe if you could reproduce the issue with a simplified scene/code that could help.