Solved Forum "Question status" lost by edit


when I was creating a new topic today, I realized, why I had so many difficulties in properly posting here (having tags and ask as question). The thing is, if you create a topic and then set it as question and then afterwards edit your post to correct something (like a typo or adding another tag) then the question status is gone again.


Hello Andreas,

thank you for reaching out to us and taking the time for pointing this behavior out. While this could be seen as a bug, we currently do consider this an acceptable limitation due to our current workload. We might fix this at some later point, but for now we will treat it as a known limitation. But I have added the "problem" to the Forum Guidelines under the section "Ask-as-Question" so that it is at least documented.

Thank you for your understanding,

MAXON SDK Specialist

Hi Ferdinand,
right, no worries. I am aware, "Question/Solution" is realized by a plugin and didn't expect it to be an easy fix. To have it documented is a good solution. Personally the topic here was more a kind of personal conditioning for me. Now, that I wrote about it, I won't forget so easily...