Solved Select and load multiple files at once

Hello all,

I'm looking for a way to load multiple files of the same type at once through a script. Image files in this case.
I'm using the function but it doesn't offer a setting to do a multi-selection.

It wasn't possible before, is it still the case ?

Thank you


Please use the tags and the "ask question" features of the forum. Have a look at our guidelines for more information.

About your question, if you want to open a dialog box where the user can select multiple files in a directory, this is still not possible.
What you can do is ask for a folder and open all pictures files inside that folder.


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Hi @m_magalhaes ,

Sorry for the improper formatting of my question, I wasn't aware of these features.

Thank you for the suggestion, the workaround can do the trick with the right safety precautions.