UNSOLVED No notifications of replies

Since the new forum update I don't receive any notification when someone has replied to a topic I have posted.
I haven't touched the default notifications in my profile settings, so would expect to get notifications.

Hi Daniel, thanks for reporting.
We've not reported by others about this issue, nor we've seen this happening on our profiles. However I'll research next week to see what could be the cause.

Can you confirm which notification is missing? Email notification, forum notification or both?

Cheers, R

I didn't have e-mail notification setup with previous forum, so I don't expect this to be active neither.
I was merely talking about the forum notification, aka "the bell icon".

When I click on that bell icon I see a list of notifications, including your reply.
But in the past that bell icon had a red square with a number of notifications in ... same as with the "unread" icon at the left of the header.
For the unread new post, I do see the "notification" info. Not so for the bell icon.