Solved ActiveObjectManager_SetObject gets overruled by Xpresso tag

I am creating a GeUserArea, SceneHook and multiple NodeData derived objects. Each NodeData derived object represents a custom tool I am providing to interact with my GeUserArea. Since each custom tool allows for parameters to be set, I also have registered a description for each nodedata. Each custom tool gets activated by a CommandData.

When the user selects a CommandData, this will "activate" the corresponding NodeData, which perform a:


With this all parameters available in the description are available in the Attribute Manager.

This all works fine, except when an Xpresso tag is present in the scene.
In that case, when the user selects a custom tool, the tool's description is shown in the Attribute Manager for a split second, and directly gets replaced by the first active node in the first Xpresso tag of the scene file.

On other occasions, the custom tools' description is left as is, but as soon as one selects an attribute, the description gets replaced by a node of the Xpresso tag.

When no nodes are active in any Xpresso tag, then the custom tool's description is replaced by an empty pane.

In all scenario's tested, as soon as I remove the Xpresso tag(s) all is working as expected.
Additionally, when I save such scene file (with Xpresso included), and revert to that saved file: all is working as expected ... until I remove the existing Xpresso tag and create a new one.

Tested with R19, R20, R21. All behave the same way.


I'm not sure if i really understand what you are doing, but ACTIVEOBJECTMODE::NODE is probably not the right mode you want to use in ActiveObjectManager_SetObject.

As said in the documentation this is the Xpresso Node mode.
I wouldn't be surprised that the problem you are facing is coming from this parameter.

You could maybe register your own mode or use one of those (sorry, i didn't tried myself) ACTIVEOBJECTMODE::NONE, OBJECT , DUMMY

Let me know if this solved the issue. Otherwise we will need to share some code or more explanation so i fully understand what you are trying to achieve :)


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Makes sense when you explain it.
I had the idea I had to use the node mode, since I was using NodeData. But it being reserved for Xpresso nodes makes more sense. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

I will try using a different mode, or make my own ... and let you know.

Seems the only solution here is to register an own mode.