Solved Dark theme and accent color

Hey there!

Thank you for finally adding a dark theme to the forum. Just a minor note though: The red used across this site is a bit too agressive. I know that the colors comes from the new CI, bit it really hurts eyes on my display. I know that every display is different, but may it be possible to adjust the value/saturation of the accent color?

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Hi @mp5gosu, thanks for pointing it out but we prefer to stay consistent with the company new color palette.

Best, Riccardo

Hello @r_gigante , thanks for the answer. And yes, thought so.
By the way, on my company's calibrated display, the red looks way less saturated. Guess, it's time to calibrate my displays again. :)

But for those interested, there are browser extensions to override styles and thus colors. (
Still using it for display the topic titles in original case instead of all uppercase.

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