Content libraries. How to change path?

Hello everyone!
I'm starting to learn the Cinema 4D
The program with Content Library installed on the system disk C. It takes a lot of space.
Can I the whole content change to another disc?


No answers. I apologize. Maybe I wrote my request not on that forum? On the official site found only this one.


Hello @leex,

welcome to the Plugin Café. This is a forum geared towards users who want to develop plugins for Cinema 4D. We do not deliver technical support for Cinema 4D here. You can reach technical support via our ticket system. Also - we held our yearly company summit this week, which is why almost everyone has gotten an extra holiday today. So, you most likely will not reach anyone on technical support until Monday.

Thank you for your understanding,

MAXON SDK Specialist

Hi @ferdinand and thanks for your answer
I would not want to disturb the technical support on trifles
Where is the forum where there is a lively communication of ordinary users?
What I found in the network does not have lively communication

Hi @leex,

unfortunately, Maxon does not run a technical support forum. We deliver technical support via a ticket system as pointed to in my last posting, because we believe we can deliver higher quality support in this manner. When you are on the lookout for a Cinema 4D community, I would recommend either or the Cinema 4D forum on CGTalk. There is also a plethora of non-English speaking forums, especially for the European language domain.


MAXON SDK Specialist

Thank you Ferdinand