Solved How to set Roughness texture to material?


I want to set in a standard material the four textures Roughness, Reflection Strength, Specular Strength and Bump Strength in C++. Already working is setting the roughness value with REFLECTION_LAYER_MAIN_VALUE_ROUGHNESS and the Layer Color Brightness texture with REFLECTION_LAYER_COLOR_TEXTURE.
But I can't find the other constants. They are defined in c4d_reflection.h. How to do this?

Image of the Material

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Hi @Chris-Chris, welcome to the plugin cafe forum :)
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You posted on the Cineware category however I'm not sure if your question is really about Cineware? But I think more with the C++ SDK of Cinema 4D.
Cineware is a static library that lets you create and read Cinema 4D without any installation of Cinema 4D.

Regarding your question, you need to retrieve the ID of the layer and add this LayerID to the symbols from c4d_reflection.h. So I invite you to read Cinema 4D R16 Reflectance channel’s API or even the C++ documentation about Material Manual - Reflection Layers.


Hello Maxime,

Thanks for fixing the category for my post. I am new to Cinema4D.
I found the correct IDs by opening the UI for the material and drag and drop the settings into the Python console.

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