Help with tutorial of an animation of a Wallet!

Hello good afternoon to everyone.

Last Thursday I went to an interview for marketing and advertising, but I didn't get the job, which annoyed me and I got frustrated.

However, the interviewer proposed to me to make an animation for a portfolio, but I did that we only learned the basics of animation in the multimedia course. I really appreciate being able to count on your help.

How this animation is a little complex to do and how I want to have an opportunity for the future in that company as multimedia or in others where it can evolve in the multimedia area

I also saw that you already have experience in the animation of Weaponsand I see that you are the ideal person to be able to help me.

So, my question is:

  • Do you have a video tutorial with the explanation of how to make an animation of a real Walett, as in the link below?

  • Do you could send me please, na explanation (with all the ncessary steps) to do an animate wallet similar of the links above?

I would be very grateful if you were not late, since despite not having a set deadline, as I mentioned this to the interviewer, it is important to deliver this project not too late and that it has quality, as it is very important for me, please.

Ps.: I took some pictures of the wallet.

I expect your answer briefly.

Best regards.

José Moreira

Hi @Quencyjones first of all welcome to the plugin cafe community,

Nevertheless, this forum is about Cinema 4D Development to build plugin or script in Cinema 4D. This is not a Cinema 4D user forum where you can find solutions to technical questions about how to use Cinema 4D, but only about its API.

So I think it's better for you to ask on more Cinema 4D user-centric forum such as cgtalk, core4d.