Solved Build fails with R23 SDK

Follow the steps to build, but it fails.
How can this be solved?

build it in this step.

  1. Download Project Tool for R23 and place it under C drive

  2. After installing R23, extract under C drive

  3. Run the Project Tool at the command prompt
    C:\projecttool\kernel_app_64bit.exe g_updateproject = C:\sdk

  4. Open C:\sdk\plugins\project\plugins.sln using VS2019

  5. Run solution build

  6. Build fails

Error	C2079	'maxon::ResultBase<RESULT_TYPE>::_value' uses undefined class 'maxon::BlendAnimationRef'	math.framework	C:\sdk\frameworks\core.framework\source\maxon\utilities\resultbase.h	571
Error	LNK1104	cannot open file 'C:\sdk\plugins\project\_obj\math.framework\x64_Debug\math.framework_Debug_64bit.lib'	maxonsdk.module	C:\sdk\plugins\maxonsdk.module\project\LINK	1


I think you are using Visual Studio 16.9.
It's a know issue and our devs have found a solution.
I've written this post about it and how to fix it.

You have two line to modify in the framework, this update will be included in the next release.

Let me know if this doesn't fix the issue.


MAXON SDK Specialist

MAXON Registered Developer

Thank you for your advice. The build was successful !!